Jeff Weinberger

Reading your Buffett piece now and posted it to my FB page with a dramatic intro, including a caveat (as a teaser); about halfway through as I’m also looking at some of the source material along the way – some but not all – which makes it a longer but even better read. Again, I’m beyond blown away by the research that goes into your work. The multitudinous depths of dirt that you’re exposing with this piece are mind-boggling, nauseating beyond Sartrean absurdity, enraging to a pressure that could frack corpuscular integrity if not a weak aorta. This is not for timid people. All the more reason for it to be more widely read, because knowledge and insight like this can, under the right circumstances, translate to action, to overcoming the fear or indifference that’s a bar to action. It’s an incredible piece of investigative journalism, more like a digging for truth with bared and bloody claws in the service of what often seems an unlikely outcome: discovering a pathway to the Future. For all the hard reality we subject ourselves to, we’re still dreamers. We still have hope.


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