Articles [2017]

McKibben’s Divestment Tour – Brought to You by Wall Street [Part XVII of an Investigative Report] [“100 Billion for Everyone Who Signs”]

June 27, 2017 Part seventeen of an investigative series   The B Team [dropcap_2]T[/dropcap_2]he B Team was incubated by Virgin Unite, the foundation arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which had previously incubated such organizations the Elders and the Carbon War Room. In October, 2012, Branson and Jochen Zeitz (ex-CEO of Puma) announced the formation of The B Team. It has since grown to include 23 
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McKibben’s Divestment Tour – Brought to You by Wall Street [Part XVI of an Investigative Report] [Beautiful Delusions]

June 27, 2017 Part sixteen of an investigative series   Breakthrough Capitalism and Volans Breakthrough Capitalism – where business is referred to as an ecosystem: “The first thing to say is that this website is one of several that are part of our close business ecosystem. These include: Volans, Breakthrough Capitalism, The Zeronauts, SustainAbility” — John Elkington Website “A revo
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Avaaz: And a Billionaire Shall Lead Them [2017 Avaaz Series: Part 3]

"This series will continue to demonstrate that without doubt, there is no entity on Earth that sustains the status quo than the NPIC, the mercenaries and protectorate of global hegemony."
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Avaaz Goes to Myanmar

September 8, 2017   “Good fucking luck with the World Bank ‘supporting’ your transition to democracy. Soon, the ADB (Asian Development Bank) will come and do the same – if it hasn’t already. Everyone falls for the utterly stupid. Mad world.” – Philippine citizen/activist Kristine Alvarez in response to the announcement “World Bank OKs first Myanmar aid in 25 years”
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The Pygmalion Virus in Three Acts [2017 AVAAZ SERIES | PART II]

August 3, 2017   Part two of the 2017 investigative report series. Avaaz Investigative Report Series 2012 [Further Reading]: Part I | Section I | Part I | Section II | Part I | Section III | Part II | Section I | Part II | Section II Avaaz Investigative Report Series 2017 [Further Reading]: Part I   Act One n Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved a statue of a beautiful woman out of ivory. A statu
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