Articles [2011]

Why I Refuse to Promote Bill McKibben

It continues to both concern and baffle me that those within the movement who coined "climate justice" continue to promote a false prophet who believes/hopes and promotes that greed can save us (see McKibben's The Greenback Effect: Greed Has Helped Destroy the Planet – Maybe Now It Can Help Save It). Greed, of course, being one of the ugliest traits in the human species. Greed being the pivotal factor behind the "suc
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The Climate Cartel: 1Sky, 350.org and Rockefeller Brothers | Stronger as One

The question is why globalist plutocrats, such as the Rockefellers, fund the majority of the mainstream environmental movement and establish an organization that now calls for civil disobedience and the halt of tar sands expansion into the US? If the true meaning of climate justice were in fact to be realized, it would mean nothing less than the stripping of wealth of these very families and corporate entities. The v
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Lush’s Dirty Laundry

IEN members, Indigenous Peoples and average citizens may share the opinion that it is quite outrageous for Lush, partnered with IEN, to campaign to the public about how bad the tar sands are – without addressing the issue that the CEO of Lush has deep ties to industries that are destroying our planet, as his own family fortune is owed to the continued mining, gas and oil exploration industries… industries that exploi
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Belo Monte | Climate Genocide will not be Stopped with Petitions and Letters

Published June 6th, 2011 by Political Context: http://bit.ly/r1asHj Below is a photo of Chief Raoni – a relentless warrior against the destructive Belo Monte dam project in Brazil. He is weeping. Was Raoni crying in despair? The Conselho Indigenista Missionário contacted Raoni to ask this question. The response from Edson Santini, of the Instituto Raoni was one that tells a different story and inspires us, rather tha
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Soma Nation | Reflections on the Canadian Election Fallout

May 3rd, 2011, by Cory Morningstar 1984 lyrics by Jaz Morningstar 1984 I got three words for ya Can ya dig it? And if you can’t dig it, how you gonna live it? Double think, crime-stop and black-white When you think double, your mind You attack fight Pushing values back, telling you what’s Wrong, right No one speaks truth But this song might So you’re getting pushed in different directions And they’re searching to exp
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